2016 Year in Review

Reflecting back on 2016 it is incumbent on me to acknowledge that in the last year we have made some significant changes to how we operate our businesses and the structure needed to support those businesses. However, at the core our strong team, robust culture, unparalleled breadth and depth of services offerings, and newly invigorated brand still remains resilient and unwavering. While we faced some challenges in 2016, we should celebrate our proud sucesses, specifically, the completion of Phase 1 of our digital strategy. This process started with the consolidation of 36 websites spanning numerous acquisitions and business lines into one cohesive site that accurately portrays who Suddath ® is today in the marketplace – our brand, our values and our services. This website is the cornerstone of our overall digital strategy – one that will span over the next several years and will make Suddath the easiest company to do business with.

Another success was the full integration of Secor. Our focus last year was consolidating the operations, focusing on retaining good business, and getting the new locations on solid ground with a clear market strategy. Now we have integrated the legacy Secor staff, have our teams in place, clarified and consolidated our operating infrastructure, restored the business to profitability, and retained a great client base. In 2017, we will now turn our focus to growth in the market and building on our market position by making significant investments to our facilities, fleet and branding. “We are stronger together” is one of our core brand attributes, and this statement perfectly applies to our new partnership with the Harmony Relocation Network. Harmony is the largest commonly branded global network of relocation companies that consists of over 140 members in 60 countries, serving 180 countries across six continents. Suddath is very honored to be a member in the U.S. and this partnership will provide us with more growth opportunities around the world. Looking forward to 2017 and beyond, our strategy is to continue to offer and execute flexible solutions for our global customer base, as well as continuing to invest in technology and digital solutions that differentiate us in the marketplace. We will continue to drive operational excellence in the areas of Safety, Quality, Cost Management and Capacity Development to improve consistency and ensure accountability for our goals of market leadership. What We Do Matters ® and we are proud of our accomplishments this past year and excited about our promising future. On behalf of the board of directors of The Suddath Companies, thank you to our clients, customers, partners and vendors for your continued support. And to our employees, our most sincere appreciation for continuing to drive innovation in your respective business units and departments – knowing that every one of us has the privilege and responsibility to Reimagine the Way the World Moves ® each and every day.

Michael J. Brannigan President and CEO The Suddath Companies

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